18 People Who Definitely Had A Worse First Kiss Than You

1. "He went in to kiss me and sneezed in my mouth." – Ashely Henrich, Facebook


2. "We were on our way to a bowling all-nighter with our Church Youth Group. I thought he was incredibly cute so when he asked me to sit next to him on the bus my 14-year-old self was so excited. He leaned in for the kiss and we made out for several minut


3. "My eighth-grade 'boyfriend' was hanging out at my house. His dad arrived to pick him up, and as my mom yelled up the stairs that it was time to go, my boyfriend suddenly lunged at me, mashing his lips on mine, and shoving his tongue in my mouth. I was


4. "I was 14. He said he was 17 and just graduated high school. He waited until after giving me my first kiss to tell me that he's actually 21. Then he told me that I should move my mouth more if I want to be a good kisser." – Francesca Kang, Facebook


5. "My first kiss was technically in Kindergarten. We kissed behind the bookshelf and then he punched me in the face. Learned from a young age not to trust boys." – eileenf4a5663884


6. "It was the summer before eighth grade, and as we stopped kissing, I stepped back onto a spider. Not just any spider. A mama spider with a sack of eggs on her back. Baby spiders ran everywhere. It looked like a scene from Harry Potter when they go into


7. "My first kiss took place in a parking lot. It's as romantic as it sounds. I was getting out of the car at the mall and my boyfriend at the time surprise-kissed me, reaching across the passenger seat to do it. I was completely unprepared and literally


8. "He jammed his tongue in my mouth and I freaked out and bit his tongue so hard that his tongue started bleeding." – 4evrsinger


9. "The person I had my first kiss with got a nose bleed and bled all over me. I'm not good with blood so I was super nauseated and eventually threw up. Not a good time." – jenaes419926afe


10. "I was at sleepaway camp and my 'boyfriend' and I kissed... and we got stuck together by our braces. A counselor had to walk the two of us to the infirmary because we were stuck together and we couldn't walk without help. When we got to the infirmary


11. "I had a boyfriend who was moving out of state, so a kiss was his going away present. His friend had a party for him, and there was a hidden tree at the end of his backyard. We climbed and sat in the second branch from the bottom. As he went in to kis

12. "When I was 15, I was at the zoo for a party after hours. A boy and I had been flirting all night, we went for a walk and ended up in front of the lions. Right as we were about to lean in and kiss, the lions started mating behind us and made the entir


13. "I was watching TV at this boy's house. I really wanted to kiss him and knew he wanted to kiss me, but I was really nervous because I'd never kissed anyone before. After a few hours of awkward sexual tension, my mom texted me saying she was outside. W


"I was so startled that I RAN down the stairs, tripped over his dog, sprinted out the front door, and jumped into the front seat of my mom's car.
She was like 'are you okay?' And I said 'yeah, why?' And she goes, 'what's that in your hand?' It was the remote control for his TV.
It was in my hand when we were watching TV, and I never put it back down.
I was so mortified, I was like 'mom, just drive'.

Obviously, he noticed I accidentally stole it, and I had to go back the next day to hand-deliver his remote control to the front door of his house.
We actually ended up dating for about a year." – tobackgabrielle

14. "We were 15 and in my parents' basement watching Grease. He leaned and stuck his tongue down my throat with no warning. He didn't even move his tongue... it just sat here. It was the worst French kiss/make-out session ever. The worst part? It ruined G


15. "I was in the basement of my first boyfriend's parents house. He leaned in to kiss me and went full-blown make-out the first time. He kept pressing his teeth against my gums, scraping the inside of my mouth, and even cut my gums open. The relationship


16. "My girlfriend and I were leaving after a school dance and, as our school is kinda homophobic, our friends decided to stand in a circle around us to prevent anyone from seeing two girls kissing. This would have been fine, if it weren't for the fact th


17. "I was 14, and my 'boyfriend' (loose term) and I were sitting with some of my best friends. Someone said something that made me laugh and I smiled and turned to him, and he decided to take that moment to kiss me. Long story short, he split his lip try


18. "At a middle school basement party we were all playing spin the bottle. When the bottle came to a stop it was pointing at one of a pair of twins. To this day 25 years later, I don't know who my first kiss was with." – johns43e17294c


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